Fri. Sep 20th, 2019

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Advertise your Airdrop

If you are conducting an ICO, advertise your Airdrop for free

You can place your Airdrop on the CCN.TOKYO and pay with your tokens. You pay only after result of recruiting airdrop worker.

How to do it?

You need to post an information about your Airdrop on Telegram chat yourself (without CCN.TOKYO employees). The advertisement should be maximum short and understandable. If we like your ICO and we understand that your ICO is not a scam, we will publish it in the official chat of Airdrop Telegram chat.

Requirements for your Airdrop :

Performer’s reward must be at least 5 $

Airdrop assignments report form must contain a mandatory field “Referral” in which CCN.TOKYO should be indicated. You pay CCN.TOKYO $ 3.0 in your tokens for each recruited person in your Airdrop. You need to motivate your airdrop participants with additional tokens for writing in their reports they came from CCN.TOKYO Telegram channel. Here is an example of airdrop participants rewards of one of our clients.

Requirements for your ICO:

Your ICO site should have a video with the project managers and the team. If there is no such a video, we will not publish your Airdrop.

You should have a minimum of: Facebook, Twitter. If you do not have them, we will not publish your Airdrop.

You should have a client support chat on your site. We recommend this, but you should have any chat and we’ll check how it works . If it does not work during the daytime of your city we will not publish your Airdrop.

If something seems suspicious to us, we will not publish your Airdrop.

The publication of Airdrop occurs within 3 days. We do not explain the reasons for why we did not publish your Airdrop. You can try again not earlier than in 10 days. If you do this earlier – you will be banned and your project will fall into the public black list.

Example of filling ad about your Airdrop:

Attention! All fields are required. You can see how other have done that – See here

Project Name:

Reward (amount in tokens and in fiat currency):

Token (the letter abbreviation of the token)

Project site (link):

ICO location (Country and city):

Team Videos (link):

Facebook (link):

Twitter (link):

Project description (short):

Any references related to your airdrops:

For airdrop participant (leave this as is): In your report on the work done, please indicate you came from CCN.TOKYO and you will be rewarded additional (put the amount):

Contact person for air transport (contact in Telegram) **:

Add the link to your airdrop participants reports, where we can see you reward them for CCN.TOKYO referral**:


** – This information is only for the CCN.TOKYO Editor. Will not be published in the chat.