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Lagos, November 16th, 2019 Chatex Brings Mass Adoption of Crypto Assets to Africa

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The Estonia-based startup Chatex will hold the Blockchain Innovations & Investments Event in Lagos, Nigeria, aiming to provide local blockchain startups, enterprises, developers, crypto-oriented investors, and enthusiasts with the unique, comprehensive knowledge and experience in the crypto industry.

What are the purposes of Chatex?

The multi-discussion platform organized by the company is expected to change the way people in Africa perceive cryptocurrencies. According to Chatex CEO, Michael Ross-Johnson, “the future of blockchain technology in the African region needs to be defined here and now.”

Chatex has done great work so far in bringing alternative means of payment to Africa by offering a peer-to-peer crypto exchange on Telegram. Although operating within the European Union legal framework, a team behind the startup is well informed about existing financial pressures in Africa. Recently, Chatex set up an office in Ghana to build a climate for further crypto adopting in the continent.

Blockchain Innovations & Investments is the next step

Having partnered with companies like Platincoin, Silicon Valley-based crypto company Propy, and with the help of the Coderstech Crypto Hub Academy, whose founder, Aghaonu Johnbosco Arinze, is a regional partner of Chatex, Estonia-based startup aims to grant common Africans an opportunity to meet strong blockchain experts and industry professionals. They will help them understand the benefits of the new economic state and guide them through the new technological movements constantly occurring in the fast-changing modern world. A CEO of Chatex M. Ross-Johnson comments on this upcoming event:

“We are here to bring African people what they deserve: a democratical financial solution, financial freedom, and equality in access to fair money.”

The schedule of the event

The conference starts on November 16th, 2019. It will include the speeches of more than nine crypto experts, more than 9 hours of discussions, relevant materials, up-to-date information on the crypto market conjuncture, and hundreds of attendees.

In the end

Lately, the large-scale Binance exchange announced that it opened deposits for fiat currency Nigerian Naira. The Blockchain Innovations & Investments Event assumes added significance. Yet, the best work in the region is still ahead of Chatex.

Chatex Brings Mass Adoption of Crypto Assets to Africa

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