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Which Industry would You Invest 1 million Dollars?

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CEO and Director of VenturesOne Asia
Anthony Hobrow and Rafael Aldon – CEO and Director of VenturesOne Asia

A few days ago, Asia Startup News decided to research among our competent Venture Capital investors.

We asked them:

“Today, which of startup industries would you invest one million dollars, 300 thousand dollars, 100 thousand dollars, and why?”

Here is, in our opinion, one of the most interesting and giving causes for reflection replies, we got from Rafael Aldon, early-stage Venture Capital investor in Asia:

“Hi, the ASN team. Interesting question…

I’m not sure how to invest in an “Industry.” VC’s invest in specific teams and their solutions, and the best example of these companies can often transcend or redefine an industry. Is Facebook in the Software, Social Media, or Entertainment industry?

I would say it’s an Advertising business (that’s where they make all the money), but if you had invested in what was considered the “Advertising” industry a decade ago, you would likely be hurting now.

So, as I can’t do what you are asking anyway, I’d take the 1.4 million and invest 50k investments into 20 seed-stage highly-scalable software companies and follow-on with another 200k into the most promising two of these. Maybe (a very, very small maybe) one will go onto redefine an industry!”

Rafael Aldon heads the Asian branch of an early-growth stage venture investment firm VenturesOne.

The company not only invests money in Asian and European startups, but shares their expertise, skills, know-how, and allows the use of their vast business network with offices in Hague and Singapore.

“Teamwork with turned up sleeves.”

Such an approach VenturesOne uses the entire journey with startups, from taking them under the wing until they become sustainable businesses.

As Rafael said earlier, the company doesn’t invest in a specific Industry. They invest in partnerships with inspiring people in their teams and solutions.

Our passion is turning good ideas into great lasting companies.

Which industry would you invest 1 million dollars? – Leave your comment and share it with your friends.

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