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What are Former Airbnb Employees Up to?

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What do former Airbnb employees do?

What do former Airbnb employees do? – Of course, they launch new startups!

Brian Armstrong

A former Airbnb programmer is a co-founder and CEO of Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange. Started in 2012, it managed to raise $ 535 million and became the first Bitcoin “Unicorn” with an estimate of $ 1.6 billion.

Justin Santamaria

Lead Airbnb product manager became a co-founder and CTO of Future Research – a fitness service for lazies. The subscription fee for the Future app is $ 150 per month. According to CEO Rishi Mandala, 95% of beta testers renewed their subscription three months or more, while 85% remained after six months of training. The great result of among fitness startups.

Julian Stiefel

An ex Airbnb marketer, became Tourlane founder, an online travel planning startup. On this platform, you can collect and set up your trip route in one place: book tickets, accommodation, city tours, events, transfer options. For about a year, Tourlane earned $ 81 million and also attracted $ 47 million of the investment.

Gunnar Froh

Ex-head of the Airbnb European branch, founded Wunder Mobility, a universal platform for launching carsharing, ridesharing, and taxi services. The platform helps companies and city services create their own transport services without spending on programmers and infrastructure deployment. Since its founding, the company has raised $ 70 million.

Eric Levin and Steve Kirkham

Airbnb security and design team, became Berbix startup co-founders, a platform for automatical verifying person identities by photos. Berbix checks driver licenses and passports against databases in seconds. Who needs such authorization technology? It perfectly works for online stores, by verifying customer age to buy alcohol and marijuana, or for crypto-startups users identification.

Nick Brandy

An Airbnb ex-lead engineer co-founded Outschool – an online-courses marketplace managed to raise $ 10 million. Traditional school lessons, cooking, board games, different educational games, sewing, etc. – more than 9000 group lessons are available on the Outschool website.

Janie Guo

An Airbnb R&D, runs Adventurous Co – an organization, creating outdoor adventure games in San Francisco. Using their smartphones, players get the interactive map and missions to complete in the city area. Along all the way, players meet character and solve puzzles in augmented reality.

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