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Eight Insights Found out When I was a Startup Founder

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what have I managed to learn, being a startup founder

What have I managed to learn, being a startup founder?


Here are just eight of the most critical remarks:

1. If you are a startup founder, you have to communicate a lot.

You make as many acquaintances as possible. At the very beginning, you talk to everyone – customers, employees, investors, random people – build your business from the ground up, brick by brick. Then, you can narrow the circle, since communication is time, and time is money.

2. You have to hire the right people.

Your evolution from a garage innovator to an efficient manager depends on whether you learn to delegate. Do not waste your time on success stories listening – find out their fails, instead. How are they going to refrain from its repetition, working in your company?

3. Set clear objectives for your employees.

Most employees are employees, not business people because they suck at setting goals and are afraid to take on obligations. A true leader’s contribution to operating should be tenuous compared to the input of the people he leads.

4. Request reports.

The result is determined not by “what has been doing?”, but “what has been done?” Having discussed the question of “what has been done?” ask about “what plans to be done soon?” Keeping abreast of everything happening in the company – your primary task.

5. People must be praised.

Praise from the boss is priceless! But if you scold somebody, then do it delicately and constructively. You are in charge, and no one except you will point how to solve the problem. You have to show you have to teach.

6. You set where to head.

Cause you are the business owner, you have to make tons of everyday decisions. You listen to the advice of your team, but the final word is still yours. And be responsible for the decision – to you.

7. You will be wrong.

Every startup founder makes mistakes more often than he makes the right decisions. You’ll think that you made it right, but it turns out the opposite. That’s okay. The man who never made a mistake never made anything.

8. Startup owner learns from their own mistakes.

You need to learn from your fails. You will learn to admit your mistakes. The sooner you begin, the more successful is your company, the more respected you are, among your colleagues, partners, and, competitors.

It’s pretty hard to be a good business establisher and takes much effort, but the result worths it!

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