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EnCata – a Scalable Ecosystem for Hi-tech and Scientific Startups

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On the 15th of October in Berlin EnCata presented their “Knowledge Gift” on the conference “Beyond the Known”, organized by EBRD, GIZ, IFC and German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

It was a great pleasure to share the concept of EnCata Incubation technopark and talk about progress in developing a deep tech ecosystem and Hitech entrepreneurship in Eastern Europe. The conference provided a great venue for discussion and exchanging valuable insights. beyondtheknown event was flashed by the spirit of engagement and collaboration that emerged.

Special thanks to EBRD and personally to Christian Cronauer for the opportunity to come and reach out to the community involved in innovation policy development!

Peter Dudin, PhD


Peter Dudin

What is EnCata ecosystem?

Human capital and innovation ecosystems play a pivotal role in technological development on any level: City – Region – Country. EnCata is a rather unique private company that has created a scalable ecosystem for hi-tech and scientific startups. We are bringing together technology companies, business angels, startups and SMEs, donors, venture capitalists, and government to take advantage of our scalable EnCata Ecosystem, creating jobs and new businesses in the hi-tech sector through spillover effect.


Historically, innovation ecosystems were developed rather sporadically by a cohort of hi-tech companies involved in various government programs. Some other ecosystems emerged as a result of particular ‘push’ as a result of various government incentives and infrastructure investment.

We have identified that neither the private sector, not venture capital is willing to invest in the innovation ecosystem for two reasons:

(i) low portfolio ROI

(ii) infrastructure and management complexity

Now state and local governments are starting to sense the importance of their role in stimulating innovation. We see scattered investment in building and commissioning new Technoparks, incubators, accelerators and state-run VC funds across the regions through various grant funding schemes, aimed to boost regional or national economies and create new centers of technology excellence for startups and SMEs. Unfortunately, these activities are typically very poorly coordinated, mismanaged and, therefore, ineffective.


We have (re)invented the whole new complete ecosystem and call it EnCata Incubation Technopark. We are already multiplying such an approach around the globe either as a whole or bringing essential pieces to demonstrate the efficiency of our new concept.

Our approach is in creating a certain infrastructure and services IN ONE PLACE to maintain the ‘flow‘ and facilitate the growth of deep tech and science startups. The holistic approach in making available anything from technical experts, rapid prototyping, and professional engineering companies – to VC funds, coworkings, acceleration programs, and grants. EnCata offers a comprehensive solution for startup development, unifying various state aid programs into a continuous linked chain from ‘idea’ to the finished product through various support programs and services.

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